Thursday, February 09, 2006

-Postmodern Primitive/Primitive Postmodern-

2/10/6 - 2/18/6

Opening: Monday 2/13/05 7pm-9pm

Godine Family Gallery


A collection of paintings, collages, wood assemblages,

and drawings that seek to show the similarities

between the

art of pre-modern 'primitive' cultures and

contemporary pop and low cultural elements such as

cartoons and outsider art.

The inverse of this, Primitive Postmodern, refers to

art of the contemporary era that reflects the shallow,

material values of Western, modernist culture but

through a primitive aesthetic. These include

readymades and wood assemblage.

Contemporary culture bases itself on the idea of

acceptability and legitimation which, by default,

defines itself against a created Otherness. It is the

intention of the artists to high light this Otherness

in the many mediums in which we find it exists in

current society. For without this Otherness, the

image of legitimate culture lacks definiton.

featuring the work of:
Conor Morey-Barrett
Jesse Neumann
Ean Frick


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