Thursday, March 30, 2006

-Assault the Mainframe: Texts from the Urban Guerrilla Movement-

$25 USD

Keeping with the spirit of Terror that is now encompassing our global culture, I decided to add something to the Terror market. And what better a commodity than a book, especially when given that the book was the first successful commodity. 'Assault The Mainframe' is an anthology of communiques, histories and essays by various terrorist outfits of the 70s and 80s. Historically this marks the beginning of the era of the Terror War where radicals organized themselves in autonomous cells and waged a clandestine campaign of violence against the State. What differentiates a Terror war from a conventional war is the fact that it is waged by members inside the society of the declared enemy(in this case the capitalist State) and is under the guise of peacetime. Though martial law has been declared in certain situations, the FLQ's campaign in Canada comes to mind, the Terror War has not yet approached anything on the scale of a war between nations. Though the American war on Afghanistan comes close, a more concrete example of a Terror War would be the Years of Lead in 1970s Italy.

'Assault the Mainframe' features a history of the Red Army Faction, the Red Brigade, a rare essay by Toni Negri and an interview with the Belgian Communist Combatant Cells among many other great works. The purpose of this anthology is to give a voice to those whose message was subject to much disinformation. It is also to add something to the newly created Terror market that has been opened up in the discourse of the current crisis.

Table of Contents:
-22 Years of Armed Struggle by the RAF in Germany
-Between 'Historic Compromise' and Terrorism: Reviewing the Experience of Italy in the 1970s by Toni Negri
-The Brigatte Rosse: Politics of Protracted War In the Imperialist Metropolis
-Interview with Cellulues Communistes Combattantes
-Manifesto of the Front de Libération du Quebec
-A Herstory of the Revolutionary Cells and Rote Zora
-"Resistance Is Possible" Interview with Two Members of Rote Zora

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