Thursday, May 04, 2006

-Casio Action Front Debut Released-

$10 USD

We here at Frick & Co. are proud to announce the release of Casio Action Front's debut album: People's War Hardcore. With 77 minutes of pure sonic, lofi Casio dissonance, this is something any fan on lofi electronics or post-industrial music cannot afford to miss. A swirling collage of samples, organic sounds and preprogrammed Casiocore, the schizophrenic compositions bring to mind a battle between the increasing monolith of technototalitarian society and the whispers of resistance using the discarded technology of a civilization based on immediate material gratification. While others hint at the serene beauty of a post-apocalyptic paradise. Flora and fauna popping up among the rubble of superhighways and Burger King Modern architecture. So don't be shy, join the neo-Futurist resistance and listen to this at full volume for training against PsyOps tactics. Tracks include:

1.Gotham Asylum
2. Dragged Kicking Screaming
3. OPP Tech Nine
4. Acid Acid Acid
5. Casio Terreur
6. Casiocore Horror
7. Russolo's Orchestral Maneuvers
8. Einsatzgruppe
9. Inside
10. Razzamatazz
11. Hunter
12. Let It All Come Down
13. Oh Fuck
14. Soft Lilly Finger
15. Razzamatazz(core remix)
16. Do What Thou Wilt
17. At The Supermarket
18. Nothing to Stop It

For ordering information email me at To listen to some samples please visit the Casio Action Front site conveniently located in the links section.


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