Monday, November 26, 2007

-AUM 87/Casio Action Front split 'Get Ready for Yuppie Cleansing' Released!-

$6 USD

Clocking in at a blistering 19 minutes, this debut for AUM 87 and second release for Casio Action Front, features slices of dark ambient rubbing elbows with analog punk, fierce tones, machine noise, and sound collage. Drawing on the sonic energy and short song structure of rock&roll, and conceptually influenced by Nichiren's Final War, the unreality of things, the Bonnot gang, and prewar Japanese militarism, this CD is a must have for fans of noise, Nurse With Wound, synthetic crust and the musical equivalent of xerox graphic design. Copies are limited so act fast! Tracks include:

Casio Action Front

1. For Kita Ikki 30000
2. Smash N Grab
3. Crush

AUM 87

4. Satysiddhi
5. Saishu Senso
6. Shell Shock
7. Board Walk

For ordering information contact Ean Frick at To listen to some of the tracks listed above please visit these sites:
  • Casio Action Front

  • AUM 87

    Blogger Ása Boyd said...

    Best Cover Art EVER!!!!

    Congratulations on a Job well done Mate!!!

    I can not wait to order mine... Just give me a couple of weeks...


    2:23 PM  

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